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CHOCOLATE NEVER LIES / This 2015 sorrel tovero APHA stallion is as stunning as they come! With a personality as unique as his genetic makeup, this stud has been a proud part of the Birchwood Farms family since day one. We've created many logos for Birchwood, but this one might be our favorite with its unique design and playful typography.

THE FINISHED PRODUCT / Playful yet balanced design that continually draws the viewer back in. Professional with a whimsical flair. Rich, warm colors drawn from dark and milk chocolate. 

CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE / Header and ad photos and designs by Superlative Equine. Check out our brand collaboration with them here.

APPLICATION / Our typographic logo design works beautifully on all of the merch designed by Superlative Equine.
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CNL Merch.jpg
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